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Die Serie ZEN - Vereint technologische Entwicklung und künstlerische Gestaltung.

Interno doors by Alumil in alignment with the imperatives of contemporary architectural design and technological evolution, proudly presents the Aluminium Entrance Door Series, ZEN.

The series creates new horizonts for modern residential and industrial design, by providing versatility and customization, simultaneously adopting hi-tech and classic materials, offering an exceptional aesthetic result, with top quality and advanced technology.

The innovative design of the system, along with the state-of-the-art equipment utilized, allow for achievement of large heights and widths, offering prestige and elegance, while maintaining minimalism, co-planarity of surfaces and outstanding performances.

ZEN Series is divided into two main categories: ZEN (opening typology), and ZEN PIVOT (pivoting typology). The latter, provides an outstanding new feeling of brightness and connection between internal and external environments, rendering the system unique in concept and design, while the first provides an exclusive platform for bespoke customization.

ZEN and ZEN PIVOT systems provide a wide range of designs, materials and colors as well as surface finishing options, able to offer potentially infinite designs, when combined with the high level of customization options. Furthermore, both types are equipped with high-tech accessories providing advanced security, insulation and functionality.

We consider each Zen customer unique; hence the after-sales services provided by our company are as important and focused as the product itself. Each door is accompanied by a Client Box containing all necessary tools for maintenance and service, user manuals, unique cylinder and keys, along with optional accessories, while a personal certificate of Warranty for 10 years, is issued for each individual.

Technische Daten:

Frame profile width: 115 mm
Sash profile width: 115 mm
Aluminium sheet thickness: 3mm
Special anti-distortion glass reinforced polyamides, 34mm, with polyurethane core
Continuous central gasket
Standard 5-point automatic lock
Pivot mechanism with adjustable pins
Co-planarity between frame and sash
Special 7mm threshold
Integrated recessed external handle
CE certification
Heat transfer co-efficient – Uf up to 1,50 W/m2K
Heat transfer co-efficient, sash – Ud <0,70 W/m2K
3 levels of waterproofing (3 gaskets)
Air tightness: Class 3
Water tightness: Class 1Α
Resistance to wind load: C5
Security level (Anti-burglary): RC3
Sound proofing up to 34dB

Low threshold that provides easy access to and from the interior, suitable for people with disabilities.

Standard automatic 5-point lock. ZEN is also available with an electromagnetic lock version. Feel free to select the lock type and the access control system that suits your needs either through a finger scanner or via a wireless digital keyboard.

The system uses special anti-distortion polyamides that provide thermal break to the system, which in combination with the polyurethane core achieve optimal thermal insulation. In addition, the polyamides minimize the operational problems and accommodate the deflection of the door due to the temperature difference between inside and outside.

3-level sealing, with the use of specially designed EPDM rubber gaskets with continuous central gasket at the doors sash offers a high level air tightness, waterproofing and insulation.

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